The Japanese artist and spoofer, Madsaki held his solo exhibition ‘If I had a Dream’ last year, a number of Steve Chow and Wong Kar-wai's movie scenes were spoofed as paintings and displayed in the exhibition. MADSAKI recreated the movie characters with his symbol, a smiley face with black tears, it gave a completely different feeling to the original scenes. For example, the landlady in “Kung Fu Hustle “no longer looked vicious but funny, the vivid Faye in “Chungking Express” turned into a distressed one, Ah Wu and the female criminal turned just like two frustrated persons, In the “Mood for Love”, Chow Mo-wan and Su Li-zhen were supposed to be in a love-hate relationship, but here, they became the characters of horror, this was a total attack to the audiences. Nonetheless, the non-mainstream tributes of MADSAKI still got me a kick, the unique style of spoofing has caught the public's heart, and it even becomes the new favourite of the collectors. Now who says spoofing is not a type of art? 

Madsaki's graffiti is a production of Neo expressionism

Madsaki is not creating his art recklessly with no direction, he tends to mix Pop Art and graffiti into one thing, recreating new artwork by spoofing classical paintings, movies, and other classics, providing a brand-new perspective for the public to get to know the diversity of art. Actually, Madsaki is not the first one implementing this kind of creative method. In the past, both Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat have developed and created art with the idea and technique of Neo-Expressionism: Create strongly emotional and critical art by making use of both art language and creative media, giving a new life and new opportunities to his art. This kind of creative spirit has given a new opportunity for the public to rethink: What is art? That brought influence to the art world, you can see the spirit of Andy Warhol in Madsaki's works.

Became famous by spoofing Hollywood Supports by Takashi Murakami


What makes Madsaki's use style is the background of how he grew up: born in Japan, moved to the United States at the age of six, with the barriers of language, Madsaki could only communicate and express his feelings with others through art. The growth environment of Madsaki has made him strong, the influence of American culture has given him a sense of humour, that's what shaped Madsaki's style - the spoofed graffiti with a sense of humour.

Before Madsaki became an artist, his main focus was in the fashion industry. The best known of Madsaki's achievement in the fashion industry was his partnership with the director of UNDERCOVER, Jun Takahashi and the collaboration with Edison Chen, by launching the series of Alienegra with CLOT. One day, Takashi Murakami commented on Madsaki's Instagram and showed his interests to his work. Coincidentally, they were so congenial and even talked about art, business and production. Takashi Murakami soon became the manager of Madsaki and suggested to him to spoof Hollywood classics, the idea of Murakami has made a huge influence on Madsaki. The rest is history!


Spoofing classics is the cup of tea of the public and the art market

Not only Hollywood classics and also the films of Hong Kong, public figures, well-known paintings and the symbol of Takashi Murakami's smiley flower are all spoofing targets of Madsaki. Just because the spoofing targets chosen by MADSAKI were so down to earth and popular, it was easy for the public to recognise what he was actually drawing, which the public could feel and relate to. In recent years, art collectors are so into Madsaki's creations of street style and spoofing, plus the influence of Takashi Murakami, most of Madsaki's works were sold at a good price.

Madsaki is not only following the footstep of Andy Warhol, Articks bets his achievements and influence on the art world might even greater than Andy Warhol. Now, who still thinks spoofing is not a type of art? 

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Reference Photo:  Artsy, BK Magazine, Kaikai Kiki Gallery, MADSAKI Instagram, Phillips

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